Live at the Fillmore

Live at the FillmoreLIVE AT THE FILLMORE is the continuation of their devotion to performing the music of the original Allman Brothers Band as it was performed in those early years before the untimely deaths of Duane and Berry Oakley and the departure of Dickey Betts. On June 26, 1971, Lou Maresca, founder of LIVE AT THE FILLMORE, was at Fillmore East for the Saturday night late show, the last public concert at Fillmore East, the one the ABB band calls ‘THE SHOW,’ the one they feel is the greatest performance they ever gave. Lou states that he has never heard them or any other band give a better performance before or since. Sadly, the next time he heard the band was a few months later at New York’s Academy of Music. It was without its leader, Duane Allman, who had died only weeks before in a motorcycle accident near his home in Macon, Georgia. His guitar was onstage on a stand and it was the most solemn rock concert he had ever attended. He had already formed ‘Skydog,’ what may have been the very first Allman Brothers tribute band earlier that year.

Unlike others who believe the band was a jam band, Lou shares the view of Gregg Allman, who has been quoted as recently as 2003 by fellow band member Butch Trucks in stating that rather than being a jam band The Allman Brothers are “a band that jams”. This has continued to be their approach to performing their music. Along with the other highly talented and committed musicians in LIVE AT THE FILLMORE, they bring back authentically the performances of the original Allman Brothers Band for those who were there to hear and still remember them along with those who have a similar love of this music and wish they had been there, too.

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